Friday, January 20, 2012

Reading Bear

If you like to use Starfall with your students, you will like Reading Bear too! Reading Bear is a website students can use to practice reading skills, including phonics, vocabulary and comprehension.

The website allows users to register, however it is not necessary unless you want to keep up with student performance. Each lesson has 7 presentations. You can start at the first presentation and work to the last, start in the middle and work to the end or just do a few presentations in a random order. It is great to present during whole group or small group instruction!

There are several features that you can turn on / off in the "Settings" section. One feature I really like to turn on is the video of someone showing how the mouth looks when saying a particular word. For your visual and kinesthetic learners this could be a very important feature to have on for them to see what their mouth should look like when speaking a word. Another feature that can be turned on or off are "Interludes". These Interludes provide mini breaks for young students as some of the presentations can be longer than some attention spans. The Interludes are short videos made up of famous paintings and classical music. I will caution you and say, one of the Interludes does contain nudity, Michelangelo's "The Creation of Adam." Unfortunately, there is no way to only show certain Interludes. It's all or none.

Reading Bear is a great website to help young students with their reading skills.

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