Friday, January 6, 2012

Here I go!

Well, it has been a long time dream of mine to start a blog and have millions of people from across the globe reading what I write! I'm not sure about the last part of that dream, but here I go off to start my dream! :)

I'm also not exactly sure which direction this blog will end up going in, however I am going to start it off as a blog for Early Childhood teachers who are looking for ideas to incorporate technology in their every day activities. The way I vision this blog, I hope to include not only ideas to incorporate technology, but also share resources (websites, etc.) that I find through my research. Though my target audience is Early Childhood teachers, it is my hope that this blog might be a great resource for any teacher.

Now, you are probably asking yourself, "Where did she come up with 'Crayons and Mice?'" Well, one of the common tools in an Early Childhood classroom is, of course, crayons. (My favorite!!!) Since my blog is about technology in the Early Childhood classroom, I needed a term that had a technology tie in, which is where "Mice" comes in. :) Crayons and Mice.....A blog for Early Childhood Teachers who are looking for ideas to incorporate technology.

Please feel free to comment and share your own thoughts as I blog. I look forward to learning from my readers!

Here I go..... :)

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